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Big Bidness is a creative think tank managed by Kat O’Neill. Perhaps because she is the biggest thinker. Or more likely because she started the company.

Kat has over twenty years of creative, marketing and sales experience. As a Partner/SVP/Creative Director at award-winning global advertising agencies she has managed multi-million-dollar accounts both domestically and internationally by consistently enhancing performance through innovation, creativity and strategic initiatives. She has been the recipient of awards for efficacy and creative excellence in print, broadcast, outdoor, promotional and interactive. She is also a produced playwright, published author and award-winning photographer.

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Are new ideas really new?

It has been said that there are only seven plots. Every story is a variation or combination of those seven. While ideas, on the other hand, seem to be endless. Yet, if you look closely, the same ones resurface again and again with the latest generation thinking it’s their new thought and, often times, convincing the market that they are right.

Which begs the question, if it has been done before could it not be done better now? Computers were done but Apple took it to a whole new level with attention to every detail. The packaging alone set a distinctly unique paradigm of presentation. No one took the time for packaging before. In cosmetics yet but never in technology.

Would everyone still buy Apple for the innovation regardless if every product came in a paper bag? Of course. So why don’t they serve it all up in a paper bag? They could save billions.

The answer is obvious. Apple decided that to be the best everything had to be the best. And sometimes it’s as simple as that.

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